Mr. Alfredo Iadanza Lanzaro

Professional Experience : Mr. Alfredo is a member of the F irm. He has developed his legal practice on Administrative Law with a special focus on tenders for works, supplies and services, in both litigation and assistance and consulting.

Mr. Alessandro Biamonte

Professional Experience : Several proceedings before the Italian Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, and State Council, in particular in matters relating to Administrative Law, Zoning Regulations, Procurement Law, Energy and Environmental Regulations. Published Author of: “ L’amministrazione digitale e la digitalizzazione procedimentale. Verso un nuovo esercizio della funzione. Problematiche e - prospettive , ” in “Studi sul provvedimento e sul procedimento amministrativo , ” Monduzzi Editore, 2007. Also University researcher on T elecommunications Laws.

Dr. Armando Crispino

Professional Experience : Dr. Armando Crispino obtained the license to practice as a chartered accountant in Italy in 2004 and in the Register of Auditors in 2005. He is the holder of the professional study of the same name.

Mr. Bernhard Umfahrer

Professional Experience: International, Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets, Investment Banking, Dispute Resolution

Dr. Chiara Morosi

Professional Experience Dr. Chiara Morosi obtained the license to practice as a chartered accountant in Italy in 2008 and in the Register of Auditors with DM of 23/10/2009 published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic 4th Special Series, no. 86 of 06/11/2009. She collaborate s with business studies in Milan and is the holder of the professional study of the same name. She also worked with Deloitte Outsourcing Srl (Milan), assisting the accounting for securitizations.

Ms. Elena Antonella Tritto

Professional Experience : Ms. Elena has both experience in litigation and consultancy and a solid academic background. She mainly focuses on civil, commercial, navigation, antitrust law and consumer protection. Particularly, Elena is specialized in aviation, space and d rone law and in private antitrust enforcement of competition law. She teaches Law and Economics, Aviation Law (with FISO programme) and Drone Law (Nobile Aviation College); Transnational Contracts and Liability of Air Carrier (Master of Laws in Global Regu lation of Markets Luiss - La Sapienza University); Competition law and C onsumer P rotection .

Ms. Emanuela Re

Professional Experience : Ms. Emanuela Re’s practice focuses on bankruptcy law and insolvency proceedings . She’s frequently named bankruptcy procedures legal by some judges of the Court of Busto Arsizio (Varese) . She also provides advice on criminal law.

Mr. Fatih Mehmet Haciyusufoglu

Professional Experience: International, Corporate, Capital Markets and Real Estate

Mr. Ferdinando Franceschelli

Professional Experience: Mr. Ferdinando focuses his practice on civil, commercial and criminal cases affecting companies. H e has also gained a sound experience on related issues such as climate/energy law and FDI protection.

Ms. Flavia H.M. Di Pilla

Professional Experience : A Brazilian native and wholly bilingual . Ms. Flavia has developed a thorough experience in assisting European clients doing business or interested in invest ing in Brazil. Besides the foregoing, she is active in Italian and International Contract Law, Mediation and ADRs, Environment, Bioethics focusing on Regulatory Clinical Research, Biotechnology, Immigration and Bankruptcy. Owner and partner of DPD Avvocati A ssociati (Siena, Italy). Offices in Siena (Italy) , Brazil (Brasilia) , Belo Horizonte , Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro .

Mr. Ivan Laguardia

Professional Experience : Lawyer admitted to the Bar of Rome (Italy) in 2008. Primarily focus ed on civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Extensive experience in national and international corporate law aspects, in particular with regard to legal issues relating to taxation and IPRs, trademarks and patents. Currently, Anti - Doping Prose cutor appointed by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) since 2009, also acting before the main internal justice bodies of the Italian National Sports Federations.

Mr. Julio Bortolato

Professional Experience: Brazil Lawyer admitted to the Bar Association of Brazil under n. 198 488 since 2001. Currently, Mr. Julio Bortolato is a Consultant in Bassam Brasil Exportação Ltda . a nd Lawyer in Bortolato & Pontes de Siqueira Law Firm . E xpertise in the business advisory area with a focus on M&A and Due Diligence as well as litigation and labor law consultancy, targeting the application of preventive measures. Substantial experience in civil and labor litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution (arbitration). Also has a deep knowledge in customs law so as to provide counseling to import and export companies acting in the Brazilian market.

Mr. Mack Liu

Professional Experience : Licensed attorney admitted in China, patent agent and trademark agent. Attorney at Lehman Lee & Xu (China, 2001 - 2006); Senior Attorney at Dacheng Law Firm (China, 2006 - 2011); Partner of The CLN Law Group, President of China Legal and Accounting Network (China, 2011). Author of "TRIPS and Chinese Intellectual Property Law , " WTO Focus, June 1999; "Online Hyperlink Liability , " Beijing Youth, August 20 00; "Interpretation and Application of INCOTERMS 2000 , " Foreign Trade Press, May 2000.

Mr. Michele Zei

Professional Experience : Mr. Michele Zei offers l egal assistance to various finance advisory firms and real estate and construction enterprises. He is active in the real estate business, with all relevant contracts and litigation issues.

Mr. Pietro Mele

Professional Experience : Eng. Pietro Mele and Studio Strutture S rl are P artners of the F irm. His experience dates back in the ‘90s both in Italy and abroad. The main works abroad are structural project of 3 buildings about 100 mt high in Riga (Latvia) ; structural project for the proposal of the realization of a bridge in Venice together with Pietro Cascella; structural project for a sculpture park comp lete with museum and hotel in China. The main works in Italy include the structural project for an underground multi - storey parking for about 900 parking spaces in the area of the Stadium in Siena; the sports arena “Montarioso” in Siena as well as the anti - seismic recovery of all the buildings in Dynamo Camp in Pistoia.

Mr. Salvatore Barba

Professional Experience: Lawyer Salvatore Barba is the founder and partner of the Law Firm Barba & Partner, an international law firm specializing in German - Italian legal relations . Focus on Commercial law, Company Law, Tax and Business Criminal Law. The consulting spectrum of Barba & Partner Rechtsanwälte includes in particular incorporation of companies, the drafting of contracts and general terms and conditions as well as debt collection. Barba & Partner Rechtsanwälte comprehensively supports small and medium - sized enterprises (SMEs) as an external legal department in commercial law. Large companies and corporations are particularly supported in legal issues of German - It alian legal relations

Ms. Sara Dell'Ariccia

Professional Experience : Ms. Sara is a lawyer with more than ten years of experience with a special focus in communication, accustomed with work ing with c ompan ie s ’ Directors and E ntrepreneurs. She has been dealing with companies ’ litigations and assist s Directors and entrepreneurs in negotiating settlement s , working in team s in new business projects to make them grow, solving commercial contracts problems 8 and trade law issues. She has also been working as an official Receiver, L iquidator and L egal C ounsel of Insolvency Proceedings in R ome Court of Justice

Mrs.Sushila Ram Varma

Chief Legal Consultant and Founder of The Indian Lawyer

Professional Experience: Seasoned legal professional with strong functional knowledge and effective communication and presentation skills. Has an excellent track record of accomplishments in advisory/transactional work, managemen t of litigation, arbitration (domestic & international arbitration) business/investment laws, contract law, corporate laws, intellectual property rights and international trade law. Offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad and Darjeeling. International clients handled, amongst others, are Bechtel International Inc., Enron Oil and Gas International Inc., PLM International Inc., United Airlines, Boeing, Mitsui, Itochu, Marubeni, Hitachi, Bank Nationale de Paris, Credit Lyonnais, Caterpillar, Aetna, Raytheon Ebasco Overseas Ltd., Marathon Inc., Herbalife International, Sony Entertainment Television, FEMC or OJSC FEMC/DVGSK, Stroystandard and Alt Solutions (London and 3 Dubai). Indian Clients handled, amongst others are Tata Group, BSNL, Hindusta n Times, Bank of Baroda, Manipal Group, Platinum Group, TTG Industries, Heritage Hospitals, Boyden India and Benaras Beads Ltd, Delhi.

Ms. Stefanie Schreck

Professional Experience : Ms. Stefanie Schreck , a fter working in the employee global mobility industry for fifteen years for multinational firms across the United States, entered law school, focusing on international and foreign law, as well as U.S. immigration , expected to graduate in May 2018

Mr. Steven Riznyk

Professional Experience : Law & Litigation, High - level negotiation (business, marital, extortion, blackmail, career destruction), U.S. immigration Law, e - commerce, marketing, SEO, and online reputation management.

Mr. Yilmaz Gol Nevfel

Professional Experience: Corporate, law of contract, debt enforcement law and law of obligations.