Welcome to AM Law Firm

AM Law Firm is an Egyptian legal service provider. Our team of highly-qualified attorneys at law value the time and energy of our clients as we, at AM Law Firm, consider our clients as our partners. At AM Law Firm, we provide a plethora of legal services and consultations, although our strengths lie not only in the excellent services we provide, but as well in our commitment to our profession, our society, and our team.

We cherish the value of team spirit and the significance of our profession. Thus, we carry a special responsibility towards our society and our country overall. The recent turmoil in Egypt and the Arab World proved to be a serious challenge to the business atmosphere in Egypt. This was also a challenge to us in terms of protecting our clients’ interests. We, however, drive our strengths from our multi-specialism and the creativity of our team to solve current challenges and expect future ones.

At AM Law Firm, we focus on:

  • Putting the clients’ interests above all.
  • Developing and cementing our relationships with notable law firms across the world via several initiatives (UN Global Compact, the German Chamber of Commerce, International Union of Lawyers, and Arab Lawyers Union…etc.).
  • Infusing our work with professionalism, creativity, and utmost accuracy.